Prices Periodontology

Do you want to regain your beautiful and healthy smile, affected over time by dental problems? Miko Dental Bucharest offers full service specialist doctors and a dentist who will help you regain your smile. Literally and figuratively.

How much for Periodontist?

Subgingival curettage (open field curettage) 2000 ron
Non-surgical (Closed field) curretage 1000 ron
Gum curettage per tooth 100 ron
Gingivectomy per quadrant 2500 ron
Gingivectomy per tooth 250 ron
Gum peeling 300 ron
Lateral flap repositioning 800 ron
Apical flap repositioning 1000 ron
Lingual bar consolidation 800 ron
Surgery with flap/arch 4000 ron
Periodontology treatment (periodontal cure / jaw) 1200 ron