Prices Orthodontics

Do you need mobile or fixed braces? An incognito one, a metal or maybe a sapphire one. You already have braces and just go to control? Miko Dental offers full orthodontics services.

How much for braces?

Fixed metal braces/ Arch 2900 ron
Fixed physiognomic braces/Arch 3600 ron
Fixed sapphire bracket braces/ Arch promotie 4500 ron
3900 ron
Mobile braces (orthodontic trainer) 1000 ron
Activator 1200 ron
Metal bracket bonding 40 ron
Esthetic bracket bonding 80 ron
Incognito bracket bonding 120 ron
Fixed device spring replacement 150 ron
Monthly examination of fixed braces on both arches 150 ron
Monthly examination of mobile braces 70 ron
Fixed space maintainer 400 ron
Mobile space maintainer 800 ron
Microimplant for orthodontic purposes 700 ron
Fixed retainer 500 ron
Mobile contention device 800 ron
Disjunctor 1200 ron
Trans-palatal arch 400 ron
Monoblock 900 ron