Prices Implantology

You need dental implants? Do not worry! At Miko Dental you will benefit from the services of one of the most respected doctors in Romania, with extensive experience in dental implantology with a success rate of 100%!

How much does an implant cost?

IMPLANTOLOGY - more details…
Consultation 80 ron
Dental specialist consultation 150 ron
Implant Alpha Bio (Abutment Included) 400 EURO
Implant PALTOP (Abutment Included) 500 EURO
Implant BREDENT Sky Blue (GERMANIA) 650 EURO
(Abutment 100 EURO)
Implant BREDENT Zirconium (GERMANIA) 1200 EURO
(Abutment 100 EURO)
Implant ZIMMER Trabecular (S.U.A.) 1400 EURO
(Abutment 100 EURO)
Membrane APRF 450 ron
Bone addition 0,5g 700 ron
Internal sinus lift 1300 ron
External sinus lift 2500 ron