Prices Dental Surgery

Dental problems require immediate solutions. Otherwise, gains momentum and the only solution is surgery. At Miko Dental, surgeons and specialists offers full services of the highest quality in the field dental surgery.

Dental Surgery Rates

Osteotomie 250 ron
Cystectomy 600 ron
Alveolectomy 500 ron
Abscess drainage 100 ron
Monoradicular tooth extraction for orthodontic purposes (front teeth) 150 ron
Pluriradicular tooth extraction for orthodontic purposes (premolars) 200 ron
Included canine extraction 400 ron
Periodontal disease tooth extraction 70 ron
Temporary tooth extraction 70 ron
Wisdom tooth extraction 250 ron
Included wisdom tooth extraction 500 ron
Semi-included wisdom tooth extraction 400 ron
Extraction of tooth root remains 150 ron
Monoradicular tooth extraction 100 ron
Pluriradicular tooth extraction 150 ron
Tooth abscess incision 100 ron
Apical resection 500 ron
Alveolitis treatment 60 ron
Ridge regularization 300 ron
Wisdom tooth eruption aid procedure 200 ron