Fixed Prosthetics Prices

Offering a full range of services, Miko Dental offers prosthetic services that are secure. From blunt recovery, cementing work and hard zirconium ceramic crowns or tooth naturally and RCR cast or fiberglass.

How much for Fixed Dental Prosthetics?

Crown ablation 50 ron
Full porcelain crown 1300 ron
Porcelain crown on natural tooth zirconia support 1200 ron
Porcelain crown on implant zirconia support 1400 ron
Porcelain crown on natural tooth metal support 650 ron
Porcelain crown on implant metal support 900 ron
Porcelain veneers 1300 ron
Composite resin veneers -Inlay- 180 ron
Inlay incrustations 1000 ron
Non-physiognomic incrustations 300 ron
Molded RCR 250 ron
Glass fiber RCR 250 ron
Blunt restoration with Dentatus 150 ron
Study models 100 ron
RCR removal 250 ron
Cementing crown/single unit crown 40 ron
Temporary crown 90 ron
Temporary crown in laboratory 100 ron