Covert Pervert: Seven of Nine studying Tom Paris and B’elanna

Covert Pervert: Seven of Nine studying Tom Paris and B’elanna


Alas, Poor Yorick: The literature teacher uses this quote to quiz Randy. He asks what the quote is from, and Randy replies, “It’s from The Bible, isn’t it?” All Just a Dream: Barry’s many, many daydreams about being in a Chuck Norris film fall into this. Arch Enemy: For some reason, Stone has it in for Chuck Norris, though Norris knows who he is, so they’ve likely met before. It may be jealousy, or maybe he’s just an overconfident jerkass who thinks Chuck’s skills are overrated. Either way, Stone gets his ass handed to him in a match with Chuck during the karate tournament. Brick Break: The final challenge in the karate tournament is for Barry to break NINE bricks. Mr. Lee also douses them with lighter fluid and sets them on fire, saying, “this will help [you].” Why did the officials let him do that? Because setting bricks on fire actually makes them easier to break. Captain Ersatz: A chunk of the plot is far too similar to the plot of The Karate Kid. Deus ex Machina: Chuck Norris joining Jerry in the karate tournament. Don’t You Dare Pity Me!: Barry basically says this when Lauren talks to Barry about the other kids picking on him. Drink Order Chuck Norris: Bartender, make mine milk too.

Replica Handbags The Bet: The Doctor and Tom Paris make a bet that the Doctor can’t help Seven of Nine get a date. The Doctor eventually wins the bet when he becomes her date, though this makes Seven very upset when she finds out about the bet. Bizarre Alien Biology: Species 8472 is said by the Doctor to have five sexes. Blatant Lies: The Doctor denying his infatuation with Seven. The Blind Leading the Blind: How Tom describes the Doctor teaching Seven about dating. Bottle Episode: We never see the planet where Janeway beams down to for diplomatic relations. Breather Episode: After the chaos and grittiness of “Juggernaut,” we cool things down with a simple love story. Paris points it out when the Doctor mentions him, and he proves it during his date with Seven. Can’t Hold His Liquor: The religious ambassador Tomin gets drunk, but unfortunately doesn’t have the enzymes to purge the alcohol from his body. Seven of Nine volunteers to have her nanoprobes extracted to provide the necessary enzymes. Covert Pervert: Seven of Nine studying Tom Paris and B’elanna Torres’ relationship. Replica Handbags

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