is in the sugar comes straight from the Second Doctor episode

is in the sugar comes straight from the Second Doctor episode


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Replica Stella McCartney Handbags The Reveal: The “monster dog” that killed Henry’s father was really Dr. Frankland, seen through the eyes of a hallucinating Henry. Room Full of Crazy: Moriarty’s cell. Out of which Mycroft lets him. Scenery Porn: This episode sure makes (non British) viewers want to visit Dartmoor. Separated by a Common Language: One character refers to his “cell” as opposed to a “mobile”. This is an important plot point. is in the sugar comes straight from the Second Doctor episode “The Moonbase” in which the Cybermen’s virus was in the crew’s sugar. The Shrink: Dr. Louise Mortimer. While she genuinely cares about Henry Knight, she doesn’t realize that the delusions she believes he’s suffering from are caused by witnessing the brutal murder of his father and then being regularly dosed with an experimental psychotropic drug. In her defense, nobody would have reason to suspect that given it was all classified and Sherlock himself wasn’t thinking of it until he experienced the Hound as well. Spot of Tea: John sardonically suggests that he and Sherlock can arrive at a top secret military base and be greeted with “Come on in, kettle’s just boiled.” Stuff Blowing Up: Grimpen Minefield and Dr Frankland’s fate. Stupid Sexy Flanders: John commenting on Sherlock’s cheekbones. And turning your coat collar up so you look cool. “People say there’s no such thing as coincidence. What dull lives they must lead.” Trauma Induced Amnesia: While under the effects of a hallucinogenic chemical Henry watched his father being murdered by a scientist; the ‘hound’ was something his mind invented from surrounding clues to cope with the trauma. Vader Breath: The true killer is doing this through his red eyed gas mask. What the Hell, Hero?: In this episode, Sherlock has gone from violently defending Mrs Hudson and showing a lot of affection for her to cruelly telling her a man she’s involved with is a bigamist and threatening her with a harpoon all because John won’t tell him where his emergency cigarette stash is. John is so horrified by his behaviour that he shouts at him and then, when she has tearfully retreated, orders him to go downstairs and apologise to Mrs Hudson. Then again, the previous episode implied that Sherlock hates people being mean to Mrs Hudson, because only he gets to do that. White Bunny: Justified: The rabbits Dr Stapleton are working on are pure white: genetically engineered lab animals are usually white, because it’s easier to see bioluminescence in a light coloured specimen than in a darker one. Your Mind Makes It Real: The experimental drug acted as a fear stimulus that ended overwhelming and killing the test subjects. Your Television Hates You: Henry, whose father was apparently killed by a wolf, keeps getting wolf related channels. Justified, as he’s under the influence of a fear inducing drug Replica Stella McCartney Handbags.

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