Married to the Job: Linus, by his own admission

Married to the Job: Linus, by his own admission


Literal Ass Kicking: David sitting on his champagne glasses. Little Black Dress: Sabrina wears one during the party. Longing Look: Sabrina gives these to David pre Paris. Love Epiphany: David causes Linus to have one after he jokingly calls Sabrina a Gold Digger who only loved Linus for his money. An offended Linus punches David so hard, he falls backwards onto the table. David proudly declares that he succeeded in helping Linus realize his love for Sabrina. Love Makes You Dumb: The Baron claims to have noticed that a woman who tries to bake a souffl while happily in love ends up burning it, while one who tries to bake while unhappily in love forgets to turn on the oven. Manipulative Bastard: Linus. He doesn’t realize she’d been manipulating him too in ways he didn’t expect. Married to the Job: Linus, by his own admission. “If I got married, I’d have to take a dictaphone, two secretaries and four corporation counsellors along on the honeymoon. I’d be unfaithful to my wife every night with vice presidents, boards of directors, slide rule accountants. This is my home. No wife would ever understand it.” May December Romance: Sabrina is 21. Linus is much older. Meaningful Name: Sabrina is named after a water sprite who saves a virgin from a Fate Worse Than Death. While Linus is probably not a virgin, he’s at the very least loveless. Millionaire Playboy: David’s love life is like this, until the end when he decides to be more responsible. Ms. Fanservice: Sabrina washes a car in a tied plaid shirt and Daisy Dukes at one point. Nautical Knockout: This happens to Linus Larrabee in the remake. No Doubt The Years Have Changed Me: David doesn’t recognize Sabrina after her two years in Paris. “No. Just. no.

Subverted in Claymore. All of the eponymous yoma infused warriors we meet are women, but it’s eventually revealed that the Organization did create an all male generation early on had Gone Horribly Wrong, as nearly every member of it Awakened and became a major monster: Isley, Rigardo, Dauf, and Chronos we see much later in the manga were all members of that generation. The Organization stuck with women from there on, with the justification being that they have better self control over their temper than men, so they’re less likely to be goaded into accidentally going over their limits. Also, the process of going over one’s limits and awakening, while excruciating, is also orgasmic. Men have less restraint in their sexuality, so they’re less likely to pull back from awakening, unlike women, since All Women Are Prudes.

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