Corporal Punishment: Erich, a previously homeschooled child,

Corporal Punishment: Erich, a previously homeschooled child,


Inspired by.: The film, and play that it’s based on, were inspired by the life of Aimee Semple McPherson. Check the other wiki for info on her. Kindly Housekeeper: Mrs. I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: Averted by Burt Gummer, who shows proper gun handling technique at all times, and occasionally chastises other characters for not doing so. Crowning example? He gives an idiot a revolver to get him to cooperate an unloaded revolver. After he takes it back, he pops the cylinder just to make sure it’s unloaded. Brilliant, but Lazy: Oskar. Broken Ace: Juli Bury Your Gays: Played straight with Thomas, but averted with the other characters. Corporal Punishment: Erich, a previously homeschooled child, is shocked when a teacher attempts to strike him with a cane.

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Replica Valentino Handbags This open air museum provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the ancient culture of Iceland. Under the guise of a very well preserved village, the place is made up of old houses and buildings that have been built as they would have in the times of the Vikings. The Smith’s house is reputed to be the oldest in the museum, and has been dated back to 1820. Reality Ensues: While the participants in the Special Olympics in “Up the Down Steroid” are disabled, they are still athletes who spend weeks in intensive training before the start of the competition. Cartman, on the other hand, is so fat and out of shape that even without having a handicap he is hopelessly outclassed by them and finishes last in every event. Whilst recreating a (fictious) battle during the American Civil War during “The Red Badge of Gayness”, Stan and Kyle place a bet with Cartman that the loser of the battlenote in this case, the North won becomes the winners’ slave Replica Valentino Handbags.

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