Staggered Zoom: So long, Kansas City

Staggered Zoom: So long, Kansas City


The attraction of the new north is based on exhausted ideas. The real explorers and risk takers today are the inventors of alternative technologies, the proponents of new systems of governance, and the opportunists who see that we can meet our future needs through imagination and entrepreneurial pursuit of new ideas. Let’s incentivize, subsidize and invest in these, forgo the limited rewards and last vestiges of the old ways, and keep the new north new by leaving it alone forever.. Skewed Priorities: In the live debate that was broadcasted a short while after the film premiered, Carl Sagan put paid to the “We’d win” aspect of nuclear warfare by comparing it to two belligerents in a basement awash with gasoline, one holding nine thousand matches and the other holding seven thousand. All that those two people are concerned about is who’s ahead and who’s stronger, despite the fact that if either of them strikes a match, it won’t matter. Staggered Zoom: So long, Kansas City.

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