The effect of this trade was also significant enough that

The effect of this trade was also significant enough that


This was also the only time in pre modern Japan that the country had any sustained interaction with the Western world. The arrival of Portuguese ships in 1543 began a span of time known as the Nanban trade period, which lasted nearly a century. Soon after the Portuguese ships arrived came the Spanish and the Dutch, though most trade happened through the Portuguesenote a fact which was not pleasing to the other European powers and which later became one reason among many for The Dutch Portuguese War. The effects of this trade were substantial: Japan was introduced to European fabrics, glassware, clocks, tobacco, and most important for its time, firearms. Provinces which traded with the West gained a significant advantage in military combat with the introduction of the arquebus and the cannon, especially since most Japanese fortifications of the time were made of wood and stone. The effect of this trade was also significant enough that there are still loan words in Japanese of Portuguese and Dutch origin, such as “gomu” from “gom” (Dutch for “rubber” or rubber materials), “karuta” from “carta” (Portuguese for playing cards) and “pan” from “p (Portuguese/Spanish for “bread”, respectively). It also gave the Japanese both the name and the basic recipe for tempura (from Latin tempora for “time”, a reference to the Lenten fasting season during which the Catholic Portuguese and Spaniards would often eat fried fish and vegetables because they could not eat meat and battered deep fried fish/vegetables were traditional in Iberia).

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