What starts as a pensive day remembering my own personal

What starts as a pensive day remembering my own personal


Explosivejared writes “Humans don’t always make the most rational decisions. As studies have shown, even when logic and reasoning point in one direction, sometimes we chose the opposite route, motivated by personal bias or simply ‘wishful thinking.’ This paradoxical human behavior has resisted explanation by classical decision theory for over a decade. These paradoxical findings have resisted explanation by classical decision theory for over a decade. A quantum probability model, based on a Hilbert space representation and Schrodinger’s equation, provides a simple and elegant explanation for this behaviour. The quantum model is compared with an equivalent Markov model and it is shown that the latter is unable to account for violations of the sure thing principle. Accordingly, it is argued that quantum probability provides a better framework for modelling human decision making.

Wholesale Replica Bags He went to Vernon House School, in Brent, in 1968, and was Head Teacher from 1972 82. The school took pupils from aged five to sixteen who had social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. This was before the educational establishment medicalised these problems and gave them names and diagnoses. A magazine article by Andrea Kon describes him as ‘a tall relaxed man with greying hair and startlingly blue eyes [who] has real friendship and support to offer his staff; he runs the school in a settled structure and has loads of love to give to the emotionally hurt children who become his responsibility.’ Staniland had nine staff and the school took about fifty pupils at a time. His record was astonishing: sixty per cent of the children who passed through Vernon House in his time were able to go on successfully to ordinary schools. He regarded it as his job, he said, ‘to repair the academic as well as the emotional damage from which our children suffer,’ though each child was allowed to work at his own pace. He did, however, insist on being addressed as ‘Sir’: ‘The relationship has to be one of children to adults. It’s no good pretending to them that we’re children, too,’ he told Ms Kon. ‘They have to come into a stable structure many, after all, are inclined to violence when they arrive.’ Wholesale Replica Bags

Replica Valentino Handbags Pride will always be very special to me. I’m very proud to be gay, much the same way I’m very proud to be Irish. These things will never change about me. These are things I would never change about me. What starts as a pensive day remembering my own personal struggle as a teen ends with elation as thoughts of a day when no teenager will struggle with something that just is. I believe that day is coming. I don’t see an alternative to this sense of harmony, equality, and good feeling. Education will continue to evaporate any alternative, and increased visibility will play a role in cultivating this better world for LGBT people, young and old. It makes little sense to judge people on the basis of one day. In fact, it makes little sense to judge people at all. We all have one life to live. It is important to live, and it is just as important to let live. And as the old saying goes, “An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it.” Replica Valentino Handbags.

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